Jun 7, 2018

ShapeArray monitors movement after airport runway slope failure and during the reconstruction work

Tyler Morency
1 year ago

ShapeArray played an important role in the monitoring strategy of the Yeager Airport runway following a slope failure in 2015 and now, during the project’s reconstruction.

The Yeager Airport, approximately 5 km east of downtown Charleston, West Virginia, sits on a hill with steep slopes on several sides and handles approximately 250,000 passengers per year. The airport’s safety overrun collapsed after heavy rains in 2015, releasing 288,000 cubic metres of debris downslope. After the slope failure, Schnabel Engineering installed two SAAF model ShapeArrays to monitor the slope for further movement.

Construction on the safety overrun rebuild began in spring, 2018. Schnabel Engineering along with sensemetrics installed SAAF model ShapeArray into soldier piles to monitor deflection during the backfill and anchor stressing stages.

The SAAF’s were connected to sensemetrics’ THREAD platform which allowed for the rapid deployment of the monitoring system and access to real-time data within hours.

Photos courtesy of Todd Roberts, Director at sensemetrics