Nov 17, 2017

Working for the Weekend: Braun Intertec selects ShapeArray for Time-Sensitive Installation

Tyler Morency
1 year ago

As part of a four-year project to improve I-35W—one of Minneapolis’ busiest traffic corridors—the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) authorized contractors a full weekend closure of the nine-lane artery to complete a number of time-sensitive and complex operations.

Contractors needed to install a monitoring system that could track settlement of two large, shallow sanitary sewers running underneath the roadway. Braun Intertec needed a fast-installing monitoring solution that could provide real-time data. They suggested Measurand’s ShapeArray.

Jimmy Bennett, associate principal and project engineer, with Braun Intertec, writes:

“Braun Intertec recommended an alternative approach that would not only expedite the installation process and reduce costs, but also increase the survivability of the sensors and system and provide a more comprehensive set of data.”

Read the case study at Braun Intertec.