Aug 28, 2019

How to monitor convergence with SAAV

Tyler Morency
6 months ago

Introducing new SAAV installation method and 250 mm segment length

When SAAV was first released in 2017, Measurand's most advanced ShapeArray, enabled faster and simpler installation directly into standard inclinometer casing sizes (from 47 mm to 100 mm, as well as 27 mm ID conduit). SAAV can now be installed in an arc to monitor convergence. Measurand created a new 250 mm segment length designed specifically for convergence monitoring applications suitable for situations that require higher levels of spatial resolutions.

A new installation method: How to install SAAV in an arc to monitor convergence

SAAV sold for convergence monitoring applications are inserted into 21 mm ID PVC flex conduit at the factory and then coiled onto its shipping reel. Flexible PVC conduit, along with an end cap, and a cable fixture assembly make up SAAV's convergence installation kit.



The instrument arrives ready for the client to install directly to the tunnel wall. Clients place the convergence SAAV on a reel stand and attach the instrument to the wall at with U-clips as they pull the SAAV from the reel.

Contact Measurand to learn how SAAV can be used for your converegence monitoring applications.

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