Feb 4, 2019

How to prepare and send data to Measurand’s technical services

Tyler Morency
1 year ago

Measurand's technical services team is always ready to provide assistance with your ShapeArray instrumentation and data collection and viewing. We understand projects’ design and construction sequence and are focused on solving any technical problems that may arise.

Some clients may encounter situations that require greater attention. In those cases, clients are free to contact our expert technical staff via telephone,  email, or directly through our web portal to create a support ticket.

Measurand support requires raw ShapeArray data to properly provide the best troubleshooting analysis. Providing a completed installation log is also extremely helpful.

The .RSA files from SAARecorder or data files collected by a Campbell Scientific logger is preferred.

The best way to send support your files is to create a .zip file of the project folder containing the following:
·         _SAA_DIAGNOSTICS.dat
·         _SERIAL_ERRORS.dat
·         _PROJECT_INFO.dat
·         _SAA#_DATA.dat (there will be one of these for each ShapeArray in the project)
·         Any .mat files (e.g. multi_saa_allcart.mat)
·         pref_project.txt
·         SAACR_Raw2Data_Processing.Log
·         setup_file.txt
·         Any subfolders such as DIY or Atlas and all of the files within

Please keep in mind that Measurand offers comprehensive technical service support to all clients at no cost. Measurand developed a searchable online manual documentation and support web portal to make it simple to collect, process, and view your monitoring data. For situations that require greater attention, support staff are available via telephone and email.

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