Aug 27, 2018

New SAAV installation method: SAAV in 27 mm ID conduit

Tyler Morency
8 months ago

Inspired by direct feedback from clients, Measurand engineers developed SAAV, an advanced ShapeArray model that allows off-the-real cyclical installation into new and existing inclinometer casings. Now, Measurand's most advanced ShapeArray can be installed in 27 mm ID conduit. With a new 27 mm ID conduit adapter, SAAV can now install into narrow 27 mm internal diameter (ID) conduit—exactly the same way SAAF has been installed since its debut.

Clients now have the flexibility to install SAAV into whatever casing best suits the project. SAAV installation in narrow, conduit-type casing is now as simple as installation into standard inclinometer casing. While clients can select their preferred method of installation when they place the order, SAAV's unique design allows clients to switch between the 27 mm ID conduit adapter and the spring box assembly used for cyclical installation into larger diameter casings while on-site and in the field.

Detailed installation information along with a quick-start guide is available on the Measurand support portal.