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Mining & Tailings Ponds

Complete monitoring solutions for all mining operations from extraction to mine waste containment.

Falling commodity prices mean mining projects must increase in scale and scope to remain profitable and compliant with new regulations. This increase in size creates the need for larger waste dumps and tailings facilities. ShapeArray automates monitoring of tailings ponds to mitigate the risk of containment structure failure. ShapeArray monitors below-surface movement to detect the location of shear planes and other sources of instability in open-pit mining. In underground mining, ShapeArray also monitors subsidence effects, and anchor bolt drill holes.

Urban Construction

When cities build upward, ShapeArray measures the movement underneath.

People want to live downtown but existing infrastructure makes new construction challenging. Cities must deal with the competing tensions of population densification and aging infrastructure. It is impossible for urban construction projects—metro rail line expansion, multi-story construction, deep excavation—to proceed without risk reduction. This means extensive monitoring using geotechnical instrumentation. Urban construction projects require instrumentation that is quick, easy and responsive to engineering challenges.


ShapeArray makes real-time convergence monitoring fast and unintrusive.

Tunnel boring operations are an essential part of nearly every major public transportation project. Construction firms around the world use ShapeArray to monitor convergence and subsidence during tunnel construction under challenging geotechnical conditions.


Protect critical infrastructure located in high risk areas.

Tens of thousands of landslides occur throughout the world, posing a significant threat to infrastructure and public safety. In Canada alone, slope failures cost $200 to $400 million in direct and indirect costs annually. Landslides can even occur in very flat places, where rivers create steep slopes that are often next to critical infrastructure like roads, railways, and pipelines. Where slope instability coincides with civil infrastructure, there is opportunity to mitigate risk with real-time monitoring with ShapeArray.

Dams & Levees

Risk mitigation through real-time dam and levee deformation monitoring.

There are over 100,000 dams and levees worldwide. Many dams are approaching or even past their expected service lifetimes. The consequences of failure are catastrophic. ShapeArray’s real-time monitoring capabilities improve dam safety and reduce risks associated with failure. ShapeArray is ideal for a wide variety of structures: hydroelectric dams, flood diversion dams, tailings dams, earth dams, concrete dams, and canal levees.