We design and manufacture the highest quality products to advance safety and knowledge within the industry.

We invest in our staff so they achieve their potential.

We share a common goal dedicated to the success of the product and the company.

We create a workplace community that promotes equality and inclusion.

We help our clients find the best solution even though it might not be our solution.

We give each other freedom and trust each other to work hard and be accountable.

We never stop learning and never stop teaching one another.

We are dedicated but always find time to laugh.

We look after each other.

Monitoring 3D shape has been Measurand’s core purpose since it was founded in 1993. Starting with patented fibre optic bend and twist sensors, Measurand became a leader in the motion-capture industry, working in film and animation. In 2006, Measurand released the first ShapeArray, signalling the move from measuring the human body to measuring the earth. Now, Measurand has grown to over 60 employees and is a leader in developing and manufacturing instrumentation for geotechnical deformation monitoring.


    As a company that works quickly to set the world-standard in geotechnical instrumentation, Measurand looks for employees that can grow and develop along with us. Measurand offers an environment to people who are confident, adaptable, and focused on building lasting relationships with our customers and each other. We offer a place where we can achieve together.

    What are the five key differences between manual and real-time monitoring?

    What are the five key differences between manual and real-time monitoring?

    How does automated, real-time data collection compare to traditional geotechnical monitoring instrumentation? Download now to find out.