Interface units control communications and power between the ShapeArray and the data logger and power supply. The SAA232 interface ensures each sensor contained within the ShapeArray gets the right amount of voltage when it needs it and when properly ground, the SAA232 minimizes the risk of power surge and lightning strikes.

Interface units control communications between the ShapeArray and the data logger, as well as power. Unlike traditional geotechnical instruments that use only a few sensors, ShapeArrays often have hundreds of sensors in one instrument that require electricity. ShapeArray’s unique power requirements determine tight regulation to ensure optimum function. A 12V battery system can produce a range of fluctuating voltage—10.5V to 15V—depending on their condition. SAA232 contains a high-quality DC-to-DC converter that boosts and regulates the voltage supplied by 12V battery systems to a constant 13.5V. The SAA232 unit also extends the length of cable that can be run between the ShapeArray and its data logger, providing a 16.5V boost for longer cables. SAA232 also protects against electrical surges and voltage strikes.

There are two versions of the SAA232 interface: the SAA232, and the SAA232-5. The SAA232 is used to connect a single ShapeArray to a single COM port on a Data Logger, while the SAA232-5 can be used to connect up to 5 ShapeArrays to a single COM port.

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