The most advanced ShapeArray makes installation even simpler.


Segment Length:
250 mm, 500 mm

Vertical, horizontal, arc

SAAV is designed to be the most versatile ShapeArray available.

Think fast, simple, and direct installation to capture real-time deformation data vertically, horizontally, or in an arc.

SAAV's patented cyclical installation method means it can be directly inserted into a range of casing sizes and dimensions, including standard inclinometer casings, without additional grouting or time-consuming calibrations in the field. Measurand's software tracks the medial axis in the centre of the casing in 3D to produce traditional inclinometer plots.

Retrofit existing monitoring infrastructure

SAAV's narrow diameter, rugged joint design, and generous bend radius means ShapeArray can be installed where traditional inclinometers cannot. SAAV can zigzag into both new and existing casings, even those that are too distorted for conventional use, which saves time and money by eliminating the need to drill new boreholes when converting from manual to automated monitoring. A spring box at the top holds the joints firmly in contact with the casing, without any grout in the casing.

Focus on the zone of interest

Silent segments and extension tubes—two technologies specific to SAAV installed vertically/vertical SAAV installations—allow greater flexibility and control to place SAAV's sensorized segments in a zone of interest. Silent segments have no sensors inside and are connected at the far, non-cable end of the SAAV to increase the total length of the array. Extension tubes occupy space at the top if sensorized segments are not needed near the surface. Silent segments and extension tubes are useful when SAAV is installed into existing casings where the shear zones are known to be well above the bottom of the hole or to accommodate for casing depths that are not well known at the time of order.

Perfect for detail-oriented monitoring

For certain monitoring situations, typically in urban construction environments critical infrastructure can be affected by even the slightest movements, clients may choose to install SAAV for in 27 mm ID conduit.

Convergence monitoring

SAAV sold for convergence monitoring applications is inserted into 21 mm ID PVC flex conduit at the factory and coiled onto its shipping reel. SAAV arrives ready to install directly to the tunnel wall with U-clamps.


SAAV is designed to be as versatile as possible. SAAV can be configured for a specific installation type at the time of the order or converted in the field after purchase.

SAAV is available in both 500 mm and 250 mm segment lengths, which allows clients to select the amount of spatial resolution they need.

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How did engineers use the observational method during the construction of a new highway interchange?

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