Dec 16, 2020

A year in review: A look back at Measurand in 2020

Tyler Morency
3 years ago

A year in review: A look back at Measurand in 2020

As one of the most remarkable and challenging years in memory draws to a close, Measurand looks forward to 2021 by looking back at some of the highlights of 2020.

Over 25 years of Innovation: A Timeline

New Brunswick may not be the first place you expect to find the manufacturers of the most advanced deformation measuring and monitoring instrumentation in the world, but that’s what you’ll find at Measurand’s headquarters in Fredericton. We launched this interactive web-based showcase to highlight some of the most important milestones in Measurand’s history.

The women who help shape the world: International Women in Engineering Day 2020

According to Engineers Canada, women account for less than 13 percent of practising professional engineers in Canada. While enrollment in university programs steadily increases, under-representation for women in the engineering profession remains a reality. Measurand is proud to observe International Women in Engineering Day annually.

Heavy-duty settlement monitoring: SAAX redesigned

Measurand launched SAAX in 2014 because our clients needed a rugged, cost-effective solution for real-time ground settlement, subsidence, rail-line deformation, and pipeline monitoring. Now, in 2020, Measurand is proud to announce the next step in the evolution of the most rugged and durable ShapeArrayTM we sell—SAAX model 003.

ShapeArray vs digital in-place inclinometer systems

Effectively measuring vertical and lateral displacement provides invaluable information to decision-makers on the performance of their structures. Whether it is a critical program such as supporting active construction or long-term condition monitoring of aging infrastructure assets, reliable data can help manage and mitigate risk. Clients need to compare ShapeArray vs digital in-place inclinometer systems to determine which monitoring solution is correct for them.

The pivot to digital with Measurand webinars

Measurand loves to meet our distributors and clients face-to-face. However, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020 prevented our technical sales team from travelling. Measurand had to quickly pivot to new digital strategies to connect with members of the geotechnical community.

Measurand launched a robust webinar program to continue to reach and educate professionals on the key benefits of ShapeArray’s real-time monitoring capabilities.

ShapeArray Fundamentals: Automate Your Deformation Monitoring

Learn how Measurand’s ShapeArray can reduce project costs, save time, increase worker safety, and provide real-time data. This webinar introduces Measurand’s three unique ShapeArray models, explores the options for viewing and collecting data, and illustrates real-world monitoring applications like monitoring ground displacement, settlement, deformation, and convergence with case studies.

This webinar will teach you:

  • When a ShapeArray is the right instrument for your project
  • ShapeArray installation methods specific to typical monitoring applications
  • How to use technical specifications to select the right geotechnical sensors
  • Real-world examples of monitoring applications including tailings ponds, slopes, civil construction, tunnels, and embankments

ShapeArray Fundamentals: How to install ShapeArray

Technical Services team members, Megan O’Donnell and Matthew Miller take you through what you can expect from the moment you receive your ShapeArray through to a successful installation where you can begin collecting data.

In this webinar you can expect

  • Preparation tips for your ShapeArray
  • Comprehensive installation instructions for three installation orientations:
  • Vertical for measuring lateral deformation
  • Horizontal for measuring settlement
  • Arc for measuring convergence
  • Common on-site troubleshooting
  • Connecting to a data logger
  • Tutorial of Measurand’s support portal

Partner Webinars

As part of offering our clients the most freedom of choice to solve their monitoring challenges, Measurand partners with the leaders in the field. we’ve co-produced and co-hosted a number of webinars with partners to share some exciting developments in automated data collection, data viewing, and options for wireless communication.

RST Instruments: DT ShapeArray for Automating Deformation Monitoring

In July 2020 RST Instruments announced the latest data logger to join the RSTAR network—DT ShapeArray. This collaboration brings Measurand’s patented shape-sensing technology to RST Instruments’ flagship RSTAR radio communication network.

DT ShapeArray (DTSAA) is designed to support a single ShapeArray instrument and enable wireless communication from the sensor to the main data collection station or manual retrieval. It is a small-form-factor data logger powered by a single lithium battery.

Join RST Instrument’s Savanna Herman and Measurand’s Matthew Miller as they discuss this collaboration and what it means for geotechnical and structural monitoring.

Key takeaways you can expect from this session:

  • Overview of the RSTAR radio communication network
  • Review of DTSAA specifications and what that means for you
  • How ShapeArray and RSTAR work together to automate your monitoring
  • Ideal use-cases for DT ShapeArray

Ackcio: Wireless ShapeArray data collection with Ackcio Beam

Measurand is proud to announce a new partnership with Singapore-based Ackcio that will provide out-of-the-box compatibility between Measurand’s ShapeArray sensors and Ackcio’s Beam suite of wireless data transmission products. This collaboration offers an integrated data automation solution, from collection to transmission to processing and display, for your geotechnical monitoring needs that puts real-time data at your fingertips when you need it, where you need it.
The integration of the Beam suite and the ShapeArray make it possible for clients and partners who use Ackcio and Measurand for their independent strengths to benefit from one unified data acquisition system for all their instruments.

In this webinar you can expect:

  • Overview of the Ackcio Beam suite
  • Overview of Measurand’s ShapeArray
  • Review of Ackcio Beam specifications
  • A demonstration of configuration and software
  • How ShapeArray and Ackcio Beam work together to simplify and automate your monitoring

sensemetrics: Cloud Technology for Subsurface Deformation Monitoring with sensemetrics

Remotely monitor and control your cloud-connected sensor network in three easy steps. The sensemetrics cloud platform enables sensor data from Measurand’s ShapeArray to be seamlessly relayed via your preferred gateway, and managed with sensemetrics software or viewed with third-party integrations.

This webinar covers:

  • Overview of Measurand’s ShapeArray
  • Overview of sensemetrics’ cloud-based solution
  • The three easy steps:
    • Step 1: Easy ShapeArray Installation
    • Step 2: Easy Edge Connectivity (THREAD plug & play)
    • Step 3: Easy Sensor Configuration (load by serial, sleep/wake, reading interval)
  • Data Interpretation and ShapeArray Features – Measurand using sensemetrics software to gain actionable insights from ShapeArray data
  • Mining Case Study outlining how the three steps were applied

sensemetrics: Cloud Technology for Infrastructure Monitoring

Join Jeff Barrett, Measurand and Todd Roberts, sensemetrics, as they walk you through a case study that details the monitoring system installed at Yeager Airport after a slope failure that destroyed its runway and its eventual reconstruction. This webinar specifically addresses the benefits of ShapeArray deformation sensors paired with sensemetrics’ cloud-based data monitoring platform. This session focuses on the benefits of real-time deformation monitoring during construction and the ease of installation of the Measurand and sensemetrics system.

Case study: Yeager Airport, approximately 5 km (3 miles) east of downtown Charleston, West Virginia, sits on a hill with steep slopes on several sides. In 2015, a reinforced slope failure impacted operations at Yeager airport by damaging the existing Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS). In response to this event, a permanent and robust solution was required to meet local, state, and federal design requirements. Therefore, Schnabel Engineering designed a multi-element (hybrid) retaining wall structure 25 m (83 ft) in height and the associated monitoring program.

The monitoring program consisted of both Measurand model SAAF and SAAV sensors paired with other geotechnical sensors. This combined technology allowed engineers to correlate field measurements with the design models and adjust anchor loading conditions to help maintain wall alignment. In addition, real-time monitoring provided confidence to the engineers that internal components of the wall were not being overstressed or subjected to unexpected deformation.

Geotechnical Observations: ShapeArray for automated deformation monitoring on infrastructure projects

This online seminar is presented in partnership with Geotechnical Observations. Join Dr. Andrew Ridley of Geotechnical Observations and Chris Gairns to learn how ShapeArray is used to monitor deformation in infrastructure.

In this webinar you can expect:

  • Overview of ShapeArray, use cases and benefits
  • See how ShapeArray has been used on large infrastructure projects in the UK market
  • See how real-time data collection and analysis can add value to a monitoring plan
  • Data analysis from real-world infrastructure applications, including tunnels, sewers and retaining walls

From everyone at Measurand to you, all the best in the new year. We look forward to meeting with you in the future.

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  • 1993

    The Beginning

    Measurand is established in Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • 1994

    Bend sensor development

    Measurand develops and patents fiber optic bend and position sensors for the medical and automotive sectors

    U.S. Patent 5,321,257

  • 1995

    Canadian Space Agency

    Receives funding from the CSA to develop sensor technology that ultimately leads to invention of ShapeTape

    U.S. Patent 5,633,494

  • 1999

    Patent on fiber optic sensor

    Measurand receives patent for "Fiber Optic Bending and Positioning Sensor" issued June 29, 1999

    Canadian Patent 2,073,162

  • 2001

    ShapeTape & ShapeHand debut

    Measurand designs and develops innovative motion capture technology

    U.S. Patent 6,127,672, 6,563,107

  • 2002

    Measurand Attends the ICPMG

    First contact with the geotechnical sector at the International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPMG)
  • 2004


    Design patent application sent about a new product designed to meet the specific needs of the geotechnical industry

    U.S. Patent 6,127,672, 6,563,107

  • 2005-08


    Measurand debuts ShapeWrap motion capture technology for the film and animation industry

    U.S. Patent 7,296,363

  • 2006

    Malibu installation

    ShapeAccelArray installed for ground monitoring for the first time​ in Malibu, CA

    Canadian Patent 2,472,421

  • 2007


    Suite of instrumentation developed for motion capture within Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines

    U.S. Patent 7,296,363

  • 2011

    SAAScan launched

    Built for rapid deployment and repeated use

    Canadian Patent 2,472,421

  • 2014

    SAAX launched

    Purpose-built for heavy-duty horizontal installation

    Canadian application 2,815,199 & 2,815,195

  • 2017

    SAAV launched

    The only geotechnical instrument with a patented cyclical installation method

    Cyclical Sensor Array, Canadian application 2,815,199 & 2,911,175