May 28, 2018

Focus on ‘big picture’ strategy at fifth annual Measurand distributor meeting

Tyler Morency
2 years ago

Business strategy and hands-on demonstrations were at the forefront during the fifth annual Distributor Meeting, May 9–11. Ten distributors from around the globe travelled to Measurand headquarters office in Fredericton,  New Brunswick, to share their feedback and experiences with ShapeArray.


“There was a bigger focus on overall business strategy at this meeting than there had been before,” said Jeff Barrett, Measurand’s chief of staff. "One of the key quotes that came out of the meetings was that Andrew Ridley said, 'We're not selling people instrumentation. We're selling them the opportunity to make risk-informed decisions based on real-time high-quality data.'"

A key reason for the distributor meeting to occur in Fredericton rather than an off-site location was to have distributors join in the celebration of Measurand's 25th anniversary.

"It's nice to be able to bring some of our long-term distributors together for that celebration because they've been very integral to our success," Barrett said.

Beyond anniversary celebrations, the location also provided distributors with the opportunity to participate in the hands-on installation of different ShapeArray models. It also provided a great opportunity to tour the production and manufacturing facilities, to observe and learn how the instruments are produced.

"For some of our newer distributors, it was a way to get a better understanding of the construction of the instrument, what makes it so unique, some of our rigorous quality assurance processes, and our unique calibration process," Barrett said.

Distributors also toured the Mactaquac Dam, which generates 670 megawatts of hydroelectric power for New Brunswick and is a long-term test facility for new Measurand products.

Distributor attendees and presenters

Han Byungwon, ATMACS Co., Ltd.
Seung Hoon Ryu, ATMACS Co., Ltd.
Atle Gerhardsen, Cautus Geo
Eric Hoe, Diagnostic Engineering Consultants, Ltd.
Arturo Fahrenkrog, GeoMediciones Ltda.
Claus Fahrenkrog, GeoMediciones Ltda.
Andrew Ridley, Geotechnical Observations
Markus Stolz, Solexperts AG
Toshiya Matsumoto, Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd
Omar Garzedin, TecWise

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