Apr 12, 2017

Focus on Business Development and Marketing at Distributor Meeting

Tyler Morency
3 years ago

New directions in Measurand’s approach to business development and marketing were emphasized at the Fourth Annual Distributor Meeting in Taipei, Feb. 21 – 22. Nine distributors from across the globe gathered with members of Measurand’s executive team at the Grand Hotel to share their experiences and ideas about selling ShapeArray.

"Every distributor meeting to me ends up as a chance for us to catch up on what's been going on in the past year on what we've been doing and what our distributors have been doing,” said Christiane Levesque, Measurand’s Senior Support Manager.

New Faces, New Functions
As Measurand has grown rapidly over the past year, distributors were introduced to new employees performing new functions.

"My main goal was to present the new business development function and strategy within Measurand,” said Monty Estey, Measurand’s Business Development Manager. “It is new to Measurand, I wanted to make sure they were aware that we have this new function. And that I'm really there to help."

Estey outlined a proactive, collaborative approach with distributors, focusing on open communication and information sharing.

Senior Marketing Manager Erika May, shared her vision for Measurand’s intensified marketing strategy, which includes a brand new Measurand logo, a revamped website, and redesigned promotional materials.

Over the course of the meeting, distributors shared their appetite for a wide range of marketing materials—case studies, a searchable database for project profiles, and presentations for clients in different sectors—feedback that shapes Measurand’s marketing strategy.

Product News
Alongside business development and marketing, news of the new SAAV model of ShapeArray, which can be installed in standard inclinometer casings, was also a large topic during the meeting. Distributors have been an invaluable source of feedback during the past three years of the model’s development, Levesque said.

"If we're pointing in a certain direction for Research & Develop, what's their feedback on it?” Levesque said. “Because these are our most trusted clients when we come right down to it.”  

A Toast for the Host
Measurand wants to give a special thanks to host Eric Hoe with Diagnostic Engineering Consultants, Ltd. who generously provided distributor meeting attendees with local expertise. Hoe arranged a visit to the National Palace Museum and brought the group to the  Taipei World Trade Center Club for a multi-course dinner featuring local cuisine.

Distributor attendees and presenters

Orhan Esat Inanir & Müge Inanir, GEOgrup
Atle Gerhardsen, Cautus Geo
Christian Klaeson, Consoil
Andrew Ridley, Geotechnical Observations
Alex Hyland, HMA Geotechnical Systems Australia
Maggie Guo, Beijing SAA Measure & Control Tech Ltd.
Songkrot Rojmosik, Asia Geotechnical Instrument Co. Ltd.
Eric Hoe, Diagnostic Engineering Consultants, Ltd.
Cory Baldwin, sensemetrics
Toshiya Matsumoto, Shinkawa Electric

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