Oct 13, 2022

NavStar joins Terra Insights, the industry-leading platform of monitoring technologies and data delivery solutions

2 years ago

Terra Insights announced today that NavStar—a global leader in deformation monitoring technology and services—joined its platform of trusted and experienced geotechnical brands. NavStar is a technology company that develops specialized hardware and software for automated detection of movement on slopes and structures, with an emphasis on GPS and GNSS sensors along with a truly scalable and modular data collection and presentation software platform. 

“NavStar perfectly complements Terra Insights’ vision of being the global platform to provide trusted geotechnical, structural, and geospatial monitoring technology and data delivery solutions,” Mark Price, Terra Insights’ CEO, said. “NavStar’s specialized expertise in automated deformation monitoring systems from both a hardware and software perspective expands Terra Insights’ core capabilities while pushing us further into the future.”

NavStar’s dedicated team of surveyors, engineers, technologists, and software developers has been providing specialized GPS/GNSS solutions, products, and support to clients around the world since 2001. NavStar’s specialized GeoExplorer and deformation monitoring products are currently used by the mining, oil and gas, power, construction and government sectors.

“We are excited to join Terra Insights,” Glen Bjorgan, Manager of Field Operations at NavStar, said. ”Over the years we have worked extensively with the companies that make up the Terra Insights platform. Through that experience we know that Terra Insights will be a great fit for NavStar and our customers.”

About Terra Insights 

Terra Insights and their five industry-leading brands design and manufacture highly engineered instrumentation, monitoring, and data delivery solutions for a wide range of geotechnical, structural and geospatial applications where critical asset monitoring and integrity is paramount. End-use applications include critical structures such as bridges, hydroelectric dams, mines, railroads, airports, tailings dams, tunnels, and highways. 

Terra Insights brings clients deep expertise with over 100 degreed engineers and geoscientists, 20 global patents, 25 global offices, and a network of over 30 global partners and professionals in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland. They are part of Vance Street Capital’s portfolio of highly engineered solutions businesses across the industrial, medical, aerospace and defense markets. Vance Street formed the Terra Insights platform with investments in RST Instruments in August 2017, Measurand in February 2019, 3vGeomatics in July 2021, Syscom Instruments in October 2021, and NavStar in October 2022.

  • 1993

    The Beginning

    Measurand is established in Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • 1994

    Bend sensor development

    Measurand develops and patents fiber optic bend and position sensors for the medical and automotive sectors

    U.S. Patent 5,321,257

  • 1995

    Canadian Space Agency

    Receives funding from the CSA to develop sensor technology that ultimately leads to invention of ShapeTape

    U.S. Patent 5,633,494

  • 1999

    Patent on fiber optic sensor

    Measurand receives patent for "Fiber Optic Bending and Positioning Sensor" issued June 29, 1999

    Canadian Patent 2,073,162

  • 2001

    ShapeTape & ShapeHand debut

    Measurand designs and develops innovative motion capture technology

    U.S. Patent 6,127,672, 6,563,107

  • 2002

    Measurand Attends the ICPMG

    First contact with the geotechnical sector at the International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPMG)
  • 2004


    Design patent application sent about a new product designed to meet the specific needs of the geotechnical industry

    U.S. Patent 6,127,672, 6,563,107

  • 2005-08


    Measurand debuts ShapeWrap motion capture technology for the film and animation industry

    U.S. Patent 7,296,363

  • 2006

    Malibu installation

    ShapeAccelArray installed for ground monitoring for the first time​ in Malibu, CA

    Canadian Patent 2,472,421

  • 2007


    Suite of instrumentation developed for motion capture within Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines

    U.S. Patent 7,296,363

  • 2011

    SAAScan launched

    Built for rapid deployment and repeated use

    Canadian Patent 2,472,421

  • 2014

    SAAX launched

    Purpose-built for heavy-duty horizontal installation

    Canadian application 2,815,199 & 2,815,195

  • 2017

    SAAV launched

    The only geotechnical instrument with a patented cyclical installation method

    Cyclical Sensor Array, Canadian application 2,815,199 & 2,911,175